What is Fiat currency?

Fiat money is a currency that has been established as money, often by government regulation. These could be EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, etc.

Currently, Zebpay supports EUR (Euro) and AUD (Australian Dollar) trading, deposits and withdrawals.

To transfer fiat currency (EUR/AUD) from your bank account into your Zebpay wallet, you need to place a deposit order request from your Zebpay app.

After creating a fiat deposit order, you will have to make a payment from your registered bank account to Zebpay’s bank account.

There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can deposit or withdraw.

Payments may take up to 5 working days to reflect in the Zebpay account, and will reflect in your wallet balance instantly after we receive it.

You can only make payments from your registered bank account to the Zebpay bank account mentioned below:

For our Global platform:

                 We're in the process of integrating fiat deposits for our Global Customers and this will go live shortly. 

For our Australian Platform:

               Account Name: Awlencan Innovations Australia Pty Ltd Trading As Zebpay

               BSB: 806043

               Account number: 100215965


While processing the deposit, you need to:

  • Enter the deposit order number (which you will get on our platform once you place the deposit order) as the payment reference number.  
  • Take a screenshot of the payment made from your bank account, which shows the payment amount and the debited bank account details ( BSB & Account number / IBAN). This screenshot needs to be uploaded onto the platform within 24 hours.
  • Attaching this screenshot is mandatory. If not attached, the payment will not be processed and will be returned to your bank account.
  • At times, Zebpay may request for additional documents for internal compliance purposes.

Limits and processing timelines are dynamically updated and available on the platform in real-time.