ZebPay will cancel all deposit orders that do not meet the below criteria. Once cancelled, the funds will be refunded into the source bank account.

1. Deposit proof not updated: After you place your deposit order, it is mandatory to upload the deposit amount proof received from the bank. This needs to be uploaded within 24 hours of creating the order on our platform.

2. Funds transfer initiated from an unregistered or third party bank account: You can only initiate a deposit into your ZebPay account from your bank account registered with us. This is to ensure all regulatory requirements are adhered to.

3. Partial or multiple deposits made: Unfortunately, we will be unable to allocate partial deposits made towards a particular deposit number and these orders will get automatically cancelled.

4. Cash deposits into our bank account: We only accept bank deposits into our account and any cash deposit will result in the order being cancelled.

You can always place your deposit order once again.