In accordance with Chapter 373 of the Laws of Malta, the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Chapter 373 of the Laws of Malta  (“PMLA”), the  Anti Money Laundering (“AML”) /Counter Terrorist Financing (“CTF”) practices requires us undertake  periodic KYC verification for high volume traders/investors to help in managing their accounts prudently.

You will be asked to provide additional verification of your account when your deposit and withdrawal limit exceeds €80,000. When requested, you need to send the following documents to, from your registered email address.

If you have not crossed the prescribed deposit and withdrawal limit (currently at €80,000), you can complete the above process proactively by sending the required documents to

  • Download the KYC consent form attached below

  • Fill in the details and send it to us at

  • Email us the bank statement for the last three months