With our current exchange model, when you place a buy order and your asking price is matched by another customer, the order will auto- execute and the funds will auto-debit from your Zebpay account.

Buying crypto :

  • Select the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase from the list of coins.
  • You can set all frequently traded coins as Favourites  by selecting the star above the coin's price.
  • Select the pair in which you want to trade. This can be fiat-crypto as well as crypto-crypto trade pairs.
  • Choose the quantity you would like to purchase.
  • You can change the purchasing currency from the right of  the quantity entered by tapping on EUR.
  • Execute the trade by tapping on the execute icon ( clock within the green tab).
  • Your BUY order will now reflect on the order book, pending a match.
  • You can view the history of all trades for a coin at the bottom of the trade screen.

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