Please note: An EOS address is a combination of the EOS token address and a memo.

A memo is a set of numbers that needs to be added for EOS send and receive transactions.

The EOS address follows the below format:

Address: zebpayaddress and memo: 1001 (this is an example only, DO NOT send to this address, check your address on the Zebpay platform).

Please ensure that the correct memo is added to the address before initiating EOS transactions. 

If you send EOS without the memo added, to an EOS address, the transaction will fail. 

Zebpay is not responsible for such failed transactions and we will not be able to recover your tokens.

Please Note: All old EOS addresses are now archived. Please DO NOT continue to use the old EOS address for sending and receiving transactions.

Getting an error on EOS receiving address?

Please clear data for Zebpay app from "Settings" of your phone and configure again. This should resolve the issue.

If you still face any issues, please reach out to us on