Update on 18th December 2018:

We have successfully completed CyberMiles mainnet migration. CMT deposits/withdrawals are now enabled. You can continue to perform CyberMiles send and receive transactions from your Zebpay wallet.

Update on 9th October 2018:

As Zebpay supports CMT mainnet swap, CyberMiles deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting from 9th October 2018, 20:00 UTC.

If you hold CMT tokens in Zebpay wallet, no action is required from your end. Zebpay will handle all technical requirements and initiate the mainnet swap process. We will safely migrate CyberMiles tokens for all Zebpay users.

Upon successful migration, we will announce when we will resume CMT deposits and withdrawals in your Zebpay wallet. 

Please refer official announcement of CyberMiles mainnet swap for complete details.

Original Update on 18th September 2018:

CyberMiles is launching mainnet on Oct 15, 2018. Zebpay is pleased to announce full support of CyberMiles’ mainnet upgrade and token migration.

As always, if you hold your CMT tokens in Zebpay wallet, there is no action required from your end. Zebpay will facilitate CMT token migration in a safe and secure manner. To avoid any losses, deposit your CMTs to Zebpay wallet before October 9th 2018, 23:59 (UTC+00) (official date before migration begins).

We will release more information on the status of CMT deposits and withdrawals in the coming days.