We have credited Bitcoin Gold (BTG) to users with equivalent Bitcoin (BTC) in Zebpay account at the time of hard fork on 28th August 2018, 1 PM IST.

Zebpay will use the timestamp of the last common block of BTC/BTG chain. This happened at block height 491406 – timestamp – 24 October 2017 01:20:05 (UTC). Zebpay will use this time to determine how many BTG coins will be credited to the users.

If you held Bitcoin (BTC) balance more than 0.05 BTC at the time of fork, you will get equivalent Bitcoin Gold (BTG) credited to your account.

No action is required from your end. As per eligibility, we will automatically credit equivalent Bitcoin Gold (BTG) in your account. Your existing Bitcoin funds remain safe and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) will be safely stored in your Zebpay wallet.

In case you are not able to see Bitcoin Gold in your wallet, please follow this support article.