You are happy with our services and you want to recommend our application to your contacts and loved ones?

Now you can also earn rewards for this recommendation.

Q. How is this possible?

  1. With our new referral program you can earn up to INR 25000 in a financial year.

Q. How can you refer?

  1. On your ZebPay app, you can follow the below steps:

  • Login to your ZebPay account

  • Click on the three horizontal lines

  • Click on the Refer & Earn option

  • You can see your referral code here.

You can share this code by copying the link and sharing it with your referee or you also have an option to share it directly using the icon of your social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram and other applications.


Q. What should the referee (member whom you have shared the code to) do once they receive the code?

  1. While creating the account your referee needs to enter your referral code in the section of ‘promo/referral codes’

Q. How will this help you get the referral reward?

  1. Once the referee completes their KYC after registering with your referral code, they have to do their first trade for more than INR 500 within 28 days of their registration (excluding the trade fee). Once their trade gets executed, you and your referee both will receive a referral bonus of INR 100 within the next 24 hours of the trade being executed.

Q. How can you check if you have received the credit of your referrals or not?

  1. You can check the same by going to the refer & earn page. You can see the number of accounts created using your referral code on the middle of your screen towards the left and side. On the right hand side of the same, you can also see the total amount of referral bonus you have received.

  2. You can also check the history tab on the bottom right corner of your refer & earn page.

Important notes:

  • Using this referral code, you can only refer to an Indian customer, who will be using our Indian platform.

  • If your referee has created an account using your referral code but either has not completed the KYC or didn’t have done the first trade of more than INR 500 within 28 days of their registration, then you will not be eligible for the bonus on this referral.

  • You can receive upto INR 25000 as referral bonus in a financial year.

  • Once your referee has done the trade of more than INR 500, you will receive the referral bonus within 24 hours.

Please do read our terms and conditions on our website’s referral page for more information.