We are delisting the below cryptocurrencies from the ZebPay platform.

We keep reviewing the cryptocurrencies listed on ZebPay. 

For each cryptocurrency we add, we make sure we can provide proper liquidity and a robust trading environment. Cryptocurrency delisting is a routine part of our ongoing platform management for performance and operational efficiency.

If you’re holding any of the below-listed cryptocurrency on the ZebPay wallet, please withdraw them before the below timelines:


TokenDeposit Stop DateFinal Withdrawal Date
IOSTIOS Token14/07/2028/07/20
NCASHNucleus Cash14/07/2028/07/20
BTGBitcoin Gold30/09/2030/09/20

TUSD-USDT trading will end on 21/07/2020.

* Please do note that tokens that are not withdrawn by the specified dates will continue to remain safe in ZebPay. These tokens will not reflect on the app, but can be withdrawn at any time by raising a ticket with us.

Withdrawal will happen once in a quarter. The next withdrawals are scheduled as follows -

a) on or before 07th April 2021

b) on or before 07th July 2021.