What is a Crypto Earnings Account?

A Crypto earning account is a feature, which enables registered and fully KYC'd customers to earn returns on coins tokens available in their spot/trading wallet.

How is this different from the Lending Product?

The major difference between these 2 features is that unlike in lending , the coins/ token in the "earn" account are available to trade. In the lending option they are available only on the maturity of the term they were locked for.

Which coins are eligible of the savings account feature?

Please refer to the link below for eligible coins/ tokens


What do I as a customer need to do to start earning on the coins/ tokens i have in my ZebPay wallet?

Great news..you don't have to do anything. If you have coins with us you will automatically start earning on them.

You will start earning returns on your coins/ tokens from the date you opt-in for the feature.

Which balances will be eligible for these earnings?

The following 2 types of balances qualify:

  1. Balances in your spot / trading wallet
  2. Balances in pending ask

How will the earnings be calculated?

  • Earnings would be calculated on the daily eligible balance

  • Balance as on 24:00 UTC would be considered for the calculation

**Daily eligible balance = Min of (Current day closing balance and previous day closing balance)**

When will the earnings be credited to the account?

The earnings would be credited by the 4th of the following month for the previous month

When would the rate of earnings change if at all they do?

This would be changed only on the 1st of the month