We were thinking hard on what could be the best gift for our members this holiday season. We analyzed all that you have been asking for and guess what!? We have come up with updates that the community has been eagerly waiting for!

Here's a quick glimpse of what's new!

  • A brand new portfolio screen

  • You can buy,sell, send and receive crypto through the Portfolio screen

  • Actions can be performed on Xpress-listed tokens through the Portfolio screen

  • Wallet history added to the Portfolio screen

  • You can hide your Balance in the Portfolio screen and details in Wallet history


Sounds exciting right? Let’s explore!

ZebPay’s Brand New Portfolio Upgrade

  • Brand new Portfolio Panel - You can now visualize your entire portfolio at a glance on a brand new interactive UI. Here are a few snippets of how your portfolio must be looking.

Did we just make your life more colorful?

  • When we say Interactive UI, you can now click on a coin you own through the Portfolio panel and perform activities like buy, sell, send and receive on the very same screen!

       I mean isn't that just brilliant!

  • What about Xpress listed tokens? Oh, we heard you?

          You can perform activities like buy and sell of Xpress-listed tokens on the same screen.

  • No more unwanted spying eyes. You can now hide your balance and wallet history.

These new features give you a holistic trading experience where you can perform all actions securely at the click of a button. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? 

Explore the brand-new updates of the ZebPay App and level up your trading experience.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season!