Zeb IT Service Ltd played a pioneering role as a cryptocurrency exchange in India. Millions of Indians took their first step into the world of Bitcoin using the Zebpay app. Your trust has been the pillar of our strength. 

Despite regulatory and banking problems along our journey, we continued to look for solutions as we did not want India to miss the bus of digital assets that power the public blockchain. 

However, the recent past has been extremely difficult. The curb on bank accounts has crippled our, and our customers' ability to transact business meaningfully. We were unable to find a reasonable way to conduct the cryptocurrency exchange business. As a result, we stopped our exchange activities. 

At 4 p.m. today (28 September 2018), we cancelled all un-executed crypto-to-crypto orders and credited all coins / tokens back to your Zebpay wallet. 

No new orders will be accepted until further notice.

Your Zebpay wallet continues to work and with an enhanced level of security and your cryptocurrencies are absolutely safe with us and available for withdrawal into other addresses/wallets whenever required. You won't be able to withdraw your crypto holdings as fiat if you're an Indian customer.