You can archive old or unused send addresses to help you manage the send addresses that are active or commonly used by you. You can archive whitelisted and non-whitelisted addresses.

You can unarchive addresses any time within the app.

Important: Do NOT receive cryptocurrencies on archived addresses as these may not be credited to your wallet and could end up lost permanently.

Follow the steps below to archive old/unused address:

1. Select the cryptocurrency and tap on Send. You will be able to see all the addresses on the list. 

2. Swipe the address you would like to archive to the left and you will get the Archive option. Tap on it to continue with the process of archiving.

4. After clicking on Archive, confirm your action to archive the selected address. 

5. Enter your account PIN to confirm.

6. You will receive a notification that the selected send address has been successfully archived. 

7. At the bottom of the list of send addresses, you will be able to see the list of archived address. If you want to view the transaction history of the archived address, go to Archived address and select the address. Tap on the archived address and you will be able to view the transaction history of this address.