Your mobile number is your unique ID in Zebpay. Your receiving address, cryptocurrency balance and your transaction details are connected with your mobile number. 

We follow robust and industry leading security practises to ensure that you never need to worry about your cryptocurrency held with us.

Even if you lose you mobile device, please note that no one will have access to your account with entering your 4 digit security PIN.

3 or more incorrect PIN entries will result in your account being locked and to regain access, please raise a ticket.

In case you lose your mobile device, we strongly advise you to inform us about it, for us to place a temporary block on all outgoing transactions on your account.

Once you receive a new SIM card with the same mobile number, you can reinstall the Zebpay app on your new phone. 

After you enter your mobile number and PIN in the app, your cryptocurrencies and transaction history will be available on your new phone.

After authentication by our compliance department, we will enable outgoing transactions of your Zebpay account.

Please note: If for any reason you are unable to get the same mobile number, please raise a ticket with us and we will advise you on further steps.