We are working hard to add more deposit options and we will list them here.

Currently, we have only one deposit option available on our platform that is: Instant Deposit

Using this deposit feature you can Deposit Fiat via IMPS /NEFT/RTGS (Enabled once the KYC is completed).

Instant Deposit via IMPS /NEFT/RTGS

1. Tap on “Deposit” on the portfolio screen, and then tap on Instant Deposit.

2. Here you can see the beneficiary account details created for you to deposit the Fiat. You need to add the beneficiary account to your own bank’s app as a beneficiary. 

This is a one-time process only for every registered account from which you wish to deposit. You can copy every detail about the beneficiary by clicking on the copy option on the right side of the detail. This will help you add the beneficiary accurately.

3. Open and log in to your bank application. Tap Fund Transfer/ send money/ Payment transfer / Money transfer / Bank transfer.



4. Tap on “Add payee” or “Add Beneficiary”. Enter the details shown in your ZebPay app as a payee/beneficiary in your bank’s app. Make sure to enter your account number and IFSC Code correctly. Select account type as 'current account'. Tap Proceed.

** Account type is Current Account

5. You will now see Awlencan Innovations India Limited as a payee in your bank app. Select it to send funds to your ZebPay account.



6. Enter the amount to transfer. You can transfer via IMPS, NEFT and RTGS. Proceed to make the payment.



7. Once the payment is successful, IMPS deposits will be credited to your account in 5 mins and NEFT and RTGS deposits will be credited to your account as per regular banking hours.



  • IMPS deposits will be credited within 5 minutes and NEFT and RTGS deposits will be credited as per normal banking policy.
  • We only accept deposits from your registered bank account. Deposits made via unregistered bank accounts will be refunded to the remitting account number within 7 working days
  • Do not deposit from a third-party bank account. A fine of Rs. 500 will be imposed for such transfers. 
  • Deposit into the account number displayed to you on your app only as it's unique to your ZebPay account. Please ensure that you have entered the correct beneficiary account details to avoid loss of funds.
  • The images shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual fees and limits may vary due to regular revisions. Please visit our Fees and Limits page to see the current fees and limits.