Verification for  Corporate Entities 

To register a corporate/company account with Zebpay, share the following documents via a ticket:

  1. Certificate of incorporation OR Memorandum & Articles of association OR any other relevant founding documents.

  2. Resolution of the board of directors to open an account with ZebPay, and identification documents of those who have authority to operate the account.

  3. Company’s registered office address- Document that establishes registered office address. (Eg. registered office landline bill, latest bank statement etc.)

  4. Proof of identity of all directors. (Any government-issued Personal Identity card.)

  5. Identity and address proof of the authorised person.

  6. Identity & Address proof of the beneficial owner with ownership or owning more than 10% of shareholding or voting rights (shareholding pattern).

  7. Kindly share the share-holding structure along with the names & current locations of all the directors/ partners.

  8. Any document which states the nature of business.

  9. Financial documents indicating the source of funds and other financial details eg: Latest Audited Financial Statement & Net worth duly signed by a minimum of 2 directors and a Chartered accountant.

  10. The cancelled cheque for the company bank account which needs to be registered with us.

  11. Official company website (if available).

  12. Selfie image of the director - We would need a Selfie of the directors holding their individual original PAN cards and a note which says "ZebPay" & "Today's date" written on it such that the details on the card are readable and the face is visible.

  13. Account opening form.

Note-  For opening an account of a company, certified copies of each of the following documents or the equivalent e-documents thereof shall be obtained:

(a) Certificate of incorporation

(b) Memorandum and Articles of Association

(c) Permanent Account Number of the company

(d) A resolution from the Board of Directors and power of attorney granted to

its managers, officers or employees to transact on its behalf

(e) Documents relating to beneficial owners, the managers, officers or employees, as the case may be, holding an attorney to transact on the company’s behalf.

Certified Copy:

To obtain a certified copy shall mean comparing the copy of the proof of possession of the Aadhaar number where offline verification cannot be carried out or an officially valid document produced by the customer with the originals.

Important note- We do not accept any tempered/ altered/ masked documents.