Just as we prioritise the security of your ZebPay account, we also want to ensure that your fiat and crypto holdings remain in trusted hands in the future.

By designating a nominee for your account, you are telling ZebPay who should receive custody of your fiat and crypto wallets in the unfortunate event of you passing away. This nominee designation does not interfere with your will or inheritance planning but simply instructs us to transfer your funds to the person you choose.

All you need to do is send us an email with some basic information. Please take a look at the details below.

Benefits of Nomination:

Nomination ensures all fiat currency and cryptocurrencies in respect of a customer’s holdings in her/his ZebPay account will be transferred by ZebPay to the nominee, subject to

verification of the nominee verification of the fact of passing of the customer's applicable laws

The nominee receives the crypto/fiat only as an agent and trustee for the legal heirs or legatees of the customer. The distribution of the crypto/fiat to eligible heirs of the deceased customer will be determined by applicable laws, and ZebPay will not play any role in such determination. Customers should opt for the nomination facility to avoid hassles and inconveniences in case of unforeseen events in future.

Hence, ZebPay strongly encourages each and every customer to add a nominee to such customer’s ZebPay account.

Who can be a nominee?

The main purpose of appointing a nominee by a customer in her/his ZebPay account is to ensure a smooth transition to the nominee of the funds/crypto lying in the customer’s account upon death. Due to the above reason, the customer should appoint a nominee who is trusted by the customer, whether or not the proposed nominee is a family member.

How do I add a nominee to my ZebPay account?

Please send us the below information from your email registered on your ZebPay account to nominee@zebpay.com

1. Nominee’s First Name and Last Name

2. Nominee’s Mobile Number

3. Relationship with Customer

4. Date of Birth of Nominee

5. Nominee Address

6. Nominee PAN number


  • You are at liberty to change your nominee on your ZebPay account, and in case you wish to do so, please send the new nominee’s details in the same manner provided under ‘How do I add a nominee to my ZebPay account?’ In such a case, your existing nominee is automatically replaced in all respects by your new nominee, and ZebPay’s obligation to transfer the holdings in your ZebPay account upon an unfortunate event shall be restricted to the latest nominee, and ZebPay will not have any further liability to any party in this regard. 
  • We may reach out to you for further details/documentary evidence of your nominee on a case-to-case basis. 
  • The nominee will be receiving the funds/crypto as a trustee of the legal heirs of the deceased customer. In other words, the transfer of the funds/crypto by ZebPay to the nominee shall not affect the right or claim which any person may have against the nominee.