Crypto tax calculation has never been easier. We have a solution if tax calculations on your cryptocurrency transactions are also stressing you out.

We’ve partnered with Tax Nodes, an easy and user-friendly tax assistant to help you calculate your crypto taxes.

How does TaxNodes Work?

TaxNodes offers two key services.

  1. A super easy to use Tax Calculation software which will help you seamlessly calculate all your crypto taxes

  2. An expert-led one-on-one advisory session where you can speak to a tax expert to optimise your portfolio

You can authorize ZebPay to share your Transaction data with TaxNodes through the ZebPay App by clicking on “Calculate your taxes” under “My Account”. Please follow the below steps to link your account.

  1. Tap on “Connect with tax nodes”

  1. Tap on Agree and confirm and your account will be linked to Tax nodes with the same email id. 

  1. Tap on Go to Tax Nodes and you will be redirected to tax nodes.
    After signing in with the same email id that is linked to your ZebPay account, your Tax reports will be generated and will be available to review after selecting the suitable plans. 

What do you get as a part of the one-on-one advisory session?

You can get all your crypto tax queries answered through a one-on-advisory call. As a part of this service, you get:

  • A 30-minute personal online session with a tax expert

  • Expert-led insights into optimising your crypto portfolio

  • Resolution of any queries you may have