Intraday trading, also known as day trading, is a strategy where traders buy and sell financial instruments within the same trading day to profit from short-term price movements.

At ZebPay we offer reduced trading fees for intraday trades in Exchange. The fee is decided based on the Fees tier you are in and the below example give you an understanding on how it is calculated.

You may also refer to the below mentioned link and get more clarity on the segment wise trading fees:

This fee applies to buy and sell trades that you do on the same day and same trading pair. If your order entry and exit happen within the same day as per UTC timing, you get a reduced trading fee. You will be charged the normal maker or taker fee, whichever is applicable, at the time of your order. The difference will be calculated after midnight UTC and credited back to you the next day. This rebate will reflect in your daily trade statement with the label “rebate”.


For example: If you are in regular fees tier and have a buy order executed for 4 BAT for Rs. 100 and a sell order on the same day executed for 3 BAT for Rs. 90, this is the total fees you will pay:

Trade TypeQuantityTrade AmountTake Fees %Fees charged
Buy BAT @ Rs 25 / BAT4 BATRs 1000.50%Rs 0.5
Sell BAT @ Rs 30 / BAT3 BATRs 900.50%Rs 0.45
Total Fees without intraday rebateRs 0.95

However, since there has been a buy order and a sell order on the same day for the same trading pair, the fees on the buy and sell order for 3 BAT will be reduced to 0.30% (Intraday fee of Regular fees tier) and fees on the buy order for the balance 1 BAT will be calculated at the same taker fee rate. 

Trade TypeQuantityTrade AmountTake Fees %Fees charged
Buy BAT @ Rs 25 / BAT1 BATRs 250.50%Rs 0.125
Buy BAT @ Rs 25 / BAT3 BATRs 750.30%Rs 0.225
Sell BAT @ Rs 30 / BAT3 BATRs 900.30%Rs 0.27
Total Fees after applying intraday rateRs 0.62


As per the calculation above you will receive a rebate of INR 0.95 - INR 0.62 = INR 0.33.

Note: A trading day on our platform runs from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC. And this is applicable only for trades made in ZebPay Exchange, for QuickTrade we have a standard fees.