This OTC trade feature will allow you to purchase or sell cryptocurrency on our platform instantly at the current spot price.


When the current buy or sell spot price matches what you would like to purchase or sell your cryptocurrency at, all you need to do is place your order and it will be executed instantly.


This feature will allow you to trade in bulk volumes without any spread.

This is the only trade feature currently available in Australia and for Australian customers all trades will happen in AUD.


Features of Instant Buy / Instant Sell:

  • Fixed Rate
  • Guaranteed instant execution
  • Best pricing 

Steps to place Instant Buy/Sell Order:

1. Select Bitcoin from your Zebpay application home screen

2. Tap on Instant

3. Tap on Instant buy to buy or Instant sell to sell your Bitcoin.

4. Enter the amount in Euro or number of bits you would like to buy/sell.

5. Tap on Buy/Sell BTC Instant to confirm your order.

All images below are for representational purposes only and the currency will reflect as AUD for Australian customers.