Over the years, ZebPay has earned the trust of it's over 3 million users. Unfortunately, unscrupulous elements will attempt to use this goodwill to try to scam our customers into parting with their digital assets.

Twitter & Social media scams are the digital version of bank robberies in broad daylight, some of the biggest scams in cryptocurrency have happened  on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Indistinguishable fake handles of well known profiles can easily be created using special characters and typos. Eg: scamsters try to impersonate well known profiles like @Zebpay using handles like @Zebpay_ or @_ZebpaySupport

These scammers pose as legitimate people & entities to run giveaway scams where they ask followers for a small amount of crypto, in return for large multiples of crypto. To make it seem legit, they'll also have multiple users act like they have sent crypto and confirm they've received the reward amount as well.  

Beware of such scams & #StaySafe. 

Notice the use of special characters in the handle, the old branding and the use of a generic email address 

Eg:  abc_zebpay@123.com; zebpaysupport@abc.com. 

Please report such attempts to us at phishing@zebpay.com.

All official ZebPay email addresses will have ZebPay as the domain name. Eg: help@zebpay.com

Here are the official ZebPay pages on social media:

Our Brand Handles







Telegram Official

Customer Care Channels

X(Twitter) Support Channel

Telegram Support Channel

Security alert! Here are some key points to remember:

Privacy Matters: We will never ask for or share any account-related information on any social media platform.

No Direct Messages: We will never initiate or ask you to initiate direct messages (DMs).

No Fund Transfer request: We will never request you to transfer any funds to any address or account.

No Wallet Accreditation: There is no wallet accreditation process with us.

Protect Your PIN/OTP: Never share your PIN or OTP with anyone, including ZebPay team members.

Email Authentication: All official email IDs from us will always have the domain "zebpay.com." Please stay vigilant and watch out for potential scammers trying to mimic our domain name by using similar-looking characters, like "zebpay" falsely written as "zebpαy."

Remember, we are here to assist you, and your security is our top priority!