We routinely come across phishing attacks and unscrupulous elements trying to impersonate ZebPay to trick our users into either sending their digital assets or giving up their wallet credentials. Be aware of the scammers  who try to use our brand name to lure users into dubious schemes.

Please beware of such attempts and stay safe!

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to act legit in order to trick you into Ponzi schemes. You need to stay vigilant as cryptocurrency transactions are fast, private, and irreversible.

Please note that:

  • We are NOT associated with, nor do we endorse, any fixed return offers & schemes. We are a cryptocurrency exchange and all our services & promotions will always be announced on our website.

  • For official communications from ZebPay, please refer to our website only and report suspicious communications that do not come from legitimate sources or domains.

  • Our security team proactively reports such phishing attempts to various platforms. If you come across such phishing attempts or impersonation, report it immediately.

At ZebPay, we take every precaution to ensure that our customers' assets are safe. Below are a few security tips you can follow to make sure your account is well protected.

  • Never share your security PIN with anyone. ZebPay will NEVER request for your PIN.

  • NEVER SHARE account related information on social media. ZebPay will never ask you for any details on social media, except for your ticket number.

  • Beware of phishing and mining schemes. ZebPay is not a part of nor do we endorse any such schemes.

  • Log off from the application when not in use, especially on shared devices. 

  • Report any suspicious email regarding your ZebPay account to phishing@zebpay.com.

  • Raise a ticket with us in case of a lost device in which you have your ZebPay account registered.

You can take a look at the security practices followed by us here or refer to our website for any updates.