What is Crypto lending?

Crypto lending is the process of lending your digital assets through crypto exchanges or different lending sites with an opportunity to get some returns. This feature is now available on ZebPay. Please keep a lookout for further communications.

What will be the returns on this?

As the term lending indicates, you will be lending your coins to ZebPay on which you will get returns depending on the coin and the time period you lend it for. This will be calculated as Simple Interest.

Which coins can I lend to ZebPay and earn?

Currently, we are supporting the following coins:

BTC (Bitcoin)

ETH (Ether)


MATIC (Polygon)

BNB (Binance Coin)

ADA (Cardano)

ATOM (Cosmos)

SOL (Solana)

What are the minimum and maximum tenure for the deposits?

We currently feature only the Fixed Term lending. The minimum term has been revised to 30 days and then we have 60 and 90 days terms. 

How To lend?

1. Tap on any cryptocurrency lend button from your home screen. Please check the minimum amount before placing the order.

2. Enter the quantity of cryptocurrency and select the number of days. If you want to enable auto-renewal of contract, select the Auto-Renewal option and select the option Principal Or Principal + earnings.

3. Click on the Terms of agreement (Master Borrowing Agreement) and tap on Lend to place an order.

4. Confirm Lend and enter the PIN to initiate the lending.

How to close an active Lend?

1. Click on ‘View active transactions’:

2. Click on ‘Exit’

You have an option to select Fast Redemption and Standard redemption:

Explanations about both options are:

  • Fast redemption - Funds will be credited instantly to the wallet 

  • Standard Redemption - Funds will be credited on the next day between 00:00 UTC to 02:00 UTC with current-day interest.

Depending on the option you choose, the tokens will be credited back to your portfolio:


Q. Is there a penalty for early withdrawal of coins?

Yes, there is a penalty on the earnings accrued to date. The details are available on the app.

Q. Is there a minimum deposit limit for each token?

Yes, there are minimum limits for each coin. Please check the app for the minimum limits.

Q. What is the rate of returns on these deposits?

The rate of returns would be a certain % of the yield earned by ZebPay on each token. The rate may vary depending on the token. The details are available on the app 

Q. Would the rate of return change for all customers?

For Fixed-terms in case of any change in the rate of return, it will only be applied at the time of auto-renewal

Q. How will the earnings be calculated?

Earnings would be calculated for a 24-hour period starting from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC and will start at 00:00 hrs UTC from the start date of the deposit. 

Q. When will the earnings be credited into the account?

Interest will be credited to your wallet account between 00:00 and 02:00 UTC at the maturity of the deposit.

You can also check our blog and website regarding Lending.