What is Pro Trader - Web?

This is a web trading platform for the ZebPay users to trade Cryptocurrencies listed on the ZebPay exchange.

This is a revamped version of existing Web Trading with advanced features for active Pro Traders. Lots of changes and features are coming up!

Login to https://zebpay.com/exchange to see and enjoy these benefits.

What is new in Pro Trader - Web?

  • New Pair-wise Search 

  • Search is faster

  • The new and improved User Interface allows for searching with Crypto names and Quote currency as well

  • Favourites marked on the market screen are now easily accessible

  • Users can search for full coin names, codes, or pairs (using “-” or “/” or “_”)

  • Advanced Charting & Tools 

  • We are integrated with an advanced library of TradingView, one of the best in the market, already loved & used by pro traders

  • A wide variety of new indicators to choose from!

  • Users can view a single chart in a separate tab in full-screen mode.

  • Users can now view multiple charts with their favourite coins to track & trade! This is one of the most in-demand features from all our pro traders. 

    You can select upto 8 charts to view at a time by clicking on the highlighted box.

  • Order book enhancements

  • Users can now see the depth of the market against each order size in a graphical visual representation.

  • You can bifurcate through all orders / all sell orders / all buy orders

  • You can view your token’s available balance by selecting the token from the list. (In the wallet tab)

  • One-click Order Cancellation 

  • Want to cancel all open orders in one click? DONE. Users can now not only cancel a single order but also cancel all open orders on a selected pair.

  • Performance Improvements

  • Users will need lesser bandwidth due to increased performance. Faster & more efficient responses for actions taken by the user 

  • Faster displaying of open orders 

  • Auto-update of trading history

  • Bug fixes

  • The trade form values used to go incorrectly while the user would change the amount/qty. Fixed this bug.

  • Login & signup redirects were cleaned up to make it more efficient

Can I use it in my mobile browser?

Mobile browsers will not be supported. A link to download iOS & Android mobile apps will be displayed to the user if they open the URL on their mobile browser.