The wait is finally over!

We are here with our new app version for our IOS users.

So what are you waiting for ? Get your app updated to our latest version 3.25.01 and dive in!

What’s new, you may ask?

Let’s check out what's new in our Quick trade tab and place an order!

1. Favourite coins
(The most awaited and the most favourite update we all were waiting for!)

Lets haste and make a starry affair by adding tokens to your favourite list. (Cause mein apni favourite hu!)

2. Sort coins by:

  • New - Displays tokens in the sequence sorted by coin launch date

  • Watchlist - Tokens added by you to the watchlist will display on top of the screen.

  • Trending - Displays tokens sorted by volume traded in last 24 hours

We know those fingers are already ready to tap dance on our quick trade screen.

That isn’t it! You can also sort your coins by Coin name, Price, Volume and 24 hours change. 

(I mean what ?!)

3. Advanced coin search

(Like some wise guy said, “Search and you may seek”)

 Search the Coin/Token with the name or symbol

4. Link to Deposit option within the QT Trade screen

(Oh yes! We did that too.Trying to place a buy order and you are falling short?

We got you covered.)

Click on the “Deposit” option visible in the Available balance and you are good to go!

5. Place Buy / Sell order by specifying Amount or Quantity:

 (We love choices, don't we?)

Tap on Quick Buy/Sell. You can either enter the amount in INR or the quantity of tokens you want to buy/sell. Now, you will be able to see the available balance within the Quick trade buy/sell screen.

You will receive a preview of your trade. Your trade will be executed instantly once you click on "Place Order". Here, you can also see the Trade fee and TDS for each trade.

Tadddaaa!!! Your order is placed.

6. Detailed order history:

(We are down to the T…)

You can view the history of your QuickTrade transactions at any point in time by clicking on the 3 dots that are on the right side of the coin name. You can see the detailed order history for all your Quick trades once you click on “Quick Trade history” as below:


This will show you the entire trade history with Quantity, Trade value, Date & Time of the order, Order ID and fees and Price of the trade. 

** TDS is not applicable on buy trades of Crypto - INR pairs

** Price displayed in GREEN for Buy and RED for Sell trades

** Send / receive option will help you withdraw / deposit the tokens

** "Wallet history" will let you see the history of these send / receive transactions

7. Charts

You asked and we delivered

8.Better UI

Well, our lives may be dull but we made sure our app isn’t! Period.

We hope your portfolio tab shines as bright as your future!

Upcoming Features

Now you may think, what's left?

We tend to be self aware!

  • Limit Orders

  • Enhancements in Favourites Tab

Stay tuned for more….