In order to maintain a robust trading environment and operational efficiencies for our members, ZebPay is halting trading of GARI token effective 14th November, 2022. The token has been delisted from ZebPay. 

  • Buy orders are disabled with immediate effect. 
  • Sell orders are disabled with immediate effect.
  • Members with balances in their ZebPay wallet can request for withdrawal of the tokens to supported wallets / exchanges

As GARI is an Xpress Listed token, all withdrawals for the token will be processed manually and in batches. Please use the attached form to share the wallet address to which you’d like to receive your GARI tokens.

Your token value needs to be above the minimum send limit of INR 100 worth of tokens at the applicable market price for the withdrawal to go through.

Please submit your withdrawal requests before 20 November 2022.

Thank you for your understanding. As always, our support team is available should you have any questions.


Q: How can I see the GARI balance I hold in my ZebPay account?

    The balance wont be visible on your app or as part of your portfolio for now. We will shortly be sending you an email with your current GARI balances, which you can request for withdrawal.


Q: Can I request ZebPay to sell GARI and credit the INR?

    Unfortunately, we wont be able to do so. We will help in withdrawing your tokens to other supported wallets / exchanges. 

Q: When will I receive the withdrawn GARI in my wallet address shared?

    The withdrawals will be processed in batches on or after the 20th Nov 2022. It will be sent to your withdrawal address submitted soon after the final date.

Q: Can I change the withdrawal address once uploaded in the form?

    The Google form link shared with you can be filled only once from the registered email id. Please ensure you update the correct details while requesting for withdrawal. 

In case you update it wrong, please raise a support ticket immediately using this link. Our customer service team will look into it and do the needful.

Q: What will happen to my holdings If I don't request the withdrawal before 20th Nov 2022?

    We request you to please update us with the Withdrawal address on or before the date 20th Nov 2022.  We may not be able to help with further actions for GARI post this date.

Q: Is there any fee for Withdrawal?

   The tokens will be sent through SOLANA network and the charges will be as per the SOLANA network fee at that time. We will not charge anything additional for the withdrawal.

Q: Will I be charged with TDS for withdrawals?

   The withdrawals to own address will not invite TDS. If the withdrawals are processed to a 3rd party address, the TDS will be charged at 1% or 5% as applicable. Please read our support article on TDS for more details.