Crypto markets are evolving. To create a robust trading environment and an improved trading experience for the benefit of our customers, we’ve now transitioned a number of tokens from our open order book exchange to QuickTrade.

Please note, that these tokens have not been delisted and can be traded instantly through our QuickTrade feature. This will allow you to trade your favourite tokens instantly and at competitive prices, without delays. Deposits and withdrawals of these tokens have not been impacted and will continue to perform as expected. 

Happy investing!



  1. Why have we moved most of the tokens to quick trade?


We have added new tokens to Quick Trade based on consumer demand. 


  1. How to send/receive tokens listed under quick trade?


On the quick trade tab, click on the 3 vertical dots at the right corner of the respective crypto (adjacent to the "Price (INR)"). A list will pop-up showing 'Send', 'Receive' and 'Transaction history'. Once the required option is selected, the app will take you to the appropriate screens. 


        3. Why was prior information not given about this change?


These tokens are still available to trade on ZebPay using Quick Trade. We look at consumer demand and accordingly adjust availability on Quick Trade or Exchange.

       4. Is this change permanent or we will again have these tokens under exchange?


We will re-include these tokens on our Exchange in the future based on consumer demand


       5. When will we have a graph option available for these tokens?


We are adding more capabilities to our QuickTrade. Stay tuned for future developments.


      6. Will withdrawal/deposit work as usual for tokens moved to quick trade?


Crypto deposits and withdrawals will function as they did earlier.