You can view the history of your wallet and cryptocurrency transactions within the app itself.

1. FIAT deposit and withdraw transactions:

  • Select "Portfolio" on the home screen.

  • Select "History".

  • You can view all the FIAT (Deposit & Withdrawal) transactions.


2. Quick Trade transactions: "Quick Trade":

  • Click on “Quick Trade” at the left bottom corner of the application.

  • You can view the history of your QuickTrade transactions at any point in time by clicking on the 3 dots that are on the right side of the coin name. You can see the detailed order history for all your Quick trades as below. 

  • You can check Crypto deposits & withdrawals in your wallet history. 


3. Exchange Trade Transactions

  • Click on the “Exchange” second option at the left corner of the application.

  • Select the coin for which you would like to check the transaction history.

  • Under the 'History' tab, you can check crypto deposit/withdrawals along with other credit and debit transactions of Cryptos except Trades. 

  • To check the trade history, select "My order" and then "filled orders

  • You can view all the trade transactions for the selected coin.