In the world of cryptocurrencies, new and exciting things are happening all the time. These are digital forms of money that are changing the way people invest and do business. Imagine being able to buy a diversified bundle of crypto assets with just a click of a button. Not only that, but you can also track the performance, assess Risk-Return dynamics, view allocations, and monitor profit and loss—all in one place. 

Is this a dream? Absolutely not! Allow us to introduce our latest innovation: CryptoPacks.

CryptoPacks: Simplifying Crypto Investments

CryptoPacks are curated portfolios that allow users to invest in multiple crypto assets effortlessly. With CryptoPacks, you can access a well-balanced portfolio designed by experienced professionals, saving you time and reducing the complexity of crypto investing. Please check out our new blog on this here.

We're kicking off with the launch of five initial CryptoPacks as mentioned below, and rest assured, there are countless more in the pipeline.

  1. Layer 1 Crypto Pack
  2. DeFi Crypto Pack
  3. Starter Pack
  4. Sustainability Pack
  5. Blockbuster Pack

Don't waste a moment! Log in to the app now and discover the exciting world of CryptoPacks, including their unique Crypto Compositions.

You’ll see the option of Crypto packs on our app/web as displayed below. 

Prior to investing, it is crucial to comprehend the Risk-Return dynamics of your cryptocurrency investments. The R&R Rating, a cutting-edge feature of CryptoPacks, offers insightful information about the risk involved with your investments and the possible returns they could provide. You may make judgments while maintaining a healthy risk appetite using this visual indication.

You’ll be able to see the contribution towards each coin on the screen. Click on ‘Buy Now’ and the amount that you wish to invest. Preview “Buy Summary” and confirm the transaction. 

To fully comprehend the success of your portfolio, it is essential to monitor your entire profit and loss statement. You can quickly and easily see your gains and losses using CryptoPacks. Discover the growth trajectory of your investment and use statistics to inform your decisions on whether to purchase, sell, or hold.

Don't hesitate any longer – dive in and begin trading today!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Where can I see the coins that I bought in Crypto packs?

Ans: You can see it under the CryptoPacks option in the app or web. The coins you bought through CryptoPacks will not reflect in your normal Portfolio. 

Q2. Can I sell them separately?

Ans: Coins bought through CryptoPacks cannot be sold separately, you can sell a portion of the pack if you wish to.

Q3. Can I withdraw these coins?

Ans: You can sell the CryptoPack anytime you wish to, however it does not feature a Withdrawal option.

Q4. Is there a minimum and maximum buy or sell limit?

Ans: Yes, there is a minimum investment and minimum sell amount. However, there are no max limits.

Q5: How can I calculate the Profit and Loss for CryptoPacks?

Ans: You can download the statement and see your Buy and Sell prices to calculate the Profit and Loss