Please Note:  Deactivate your account only if you wish to delete/close your ZebPay account permanently. If not, please use the logout feature.

Here are some points to note before deactivating your Zebpay account:

  • KYC Restrictions: You will not be able to open a new account with the same KYC ( Know Your Customer) details for another registered mobile number.

  • Data Retention: Your transaction history will be saved with ZebPay and linked to your mobile number and KYC details. Deactivating your account does not equate to permanent data deletion. Your data will be stored in compliance with applicable legal requirements. You can read more about it  here

  • Cryptocurrency Transfers: Please transfer your available cryptocurrency balance to any other cryptocurrency wallet before deactivating your ZebPay account. You will not be able to deactivate the account if it still holds a crypto or fiat balance.

Please follow these 3 simple steps to deactivate your ZebPay account:

  • Select Menu by tapping on the 3 lines and then Security Center. Here, you'll find the deactivate account option.

  • You will be asked for confirmation along with the reason for permanently closing your account. You may select the appropriate reason and enter your security PIN.

  • You will receive an email on your registered email address notifying you of the deactivation status.



If you are facing any issues with account deactivation, please do reach our service team by creating a ticket here (