Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey as we unveil our latest, most eagerly awaited feature - the BRAVE REWARDS WALLET!

Yes, you heard it right! Brace yourself for this exhilarating update from the dynamic duo, Brave and ZebPay, two titans in the Web 3.0 universe. We have joined forces in a pioneering partnership that promises to reshape the crypto landscape in India and revolutionize the digital era. With this groundbreaking collaboration, BRAVE has integrated with ZebPay as the custodial account service provider for Brave Rewards in India.

What does this mean for you, our Indian users? It means you can now seamlessly connect your ZebPay account to Brave Rewards in the Brave Browser, and start earning BAT like never before!

All you need to kickstart your Rewards journey is a fully verified ZebPay account in India and then link it with Brave Rewards. It's time to claim the BAT you've earned with the power of Brave Rewards.

Introduction to Brave Browser

Brave Browser, a revolutionary web browser, prioritises user security and delivers an exceptional browsing experience. Its foundation rests on cutting-edge security measures, shielding users from trackers, ads, and other potential threats, while ensuring enhanced privacy. Brave Browser's native Crypto token is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). The browser seamlessly integrates with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) system, allowing users to earn BAT for viewing privacy-respecting ads. These earned BAT tokens are called “ Brave Rewards”. Users of the Brave Browser can opt-in for the “Brave Rewards” feature on the browser. 

By championing security, privacy, and innovative reward systems, Brave stands out as a game-changer among its competitors in the browser market.

Please read our Blog on BAT to learn more about BAT, Brave Rewards and Brave Browser.

How do you transfer your Brave Rewards tokens to ZebPay?

Transferring BAT tokens from your Brave Browser to ZebPay is a breeze. 

If you are a new user, you need to first open an account with ZebPay and fully verify your account. Please read our Support Article on KYC to know more about Creating an Account with ZebPay.

If you are an existing ZebPay user, you only need to connect your ZebPay account to the Brave Rewards in Brave Browser. 

To connect to Brave Rewards, Open your Brave browser and follow the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Brave Rewards option in the Menu options

Step 2: Click on the Connect option in the Brave Rewards above the Balance option

Step 3: Click on ZebPay in the Choose an account provider page

Step 4: Click on Create an Account if you are a new user. If you are an existing user, login with your Mobile Number and OTP

Upon successful connection, your Brave Reward tokens will be visible within the ZebPay App during the Brave Reward payout on 8th of every month. You can subsequently utilize these tokens for trading or holding as per your preference.

Please note that if you are an existing Brave Rewards user and have Brave Rewards in your Brave Rewards balance currently, the wallet balance will reset to zero after connecting to ZebPay. Any Brave Rewards you've accumulated prior to the introduction of this feature or connecting to ZebPay will be transferred to your ZebPay wallet on the first payout date after the launch of this feature i.e. 8th Oct 2023.

You can also see your Brave Rewards transfer history from the browser. Please navigate to the View Statement tab in the Brave Rewards page for this. 

Select the desired month from drop down menu to view the transfer details. Please note that while it may appear as 'transferred' in the statement, the actual credit to ZebPay will occur on the Brave Payout date (8th of every month).

The 'View Statement' feature is currently available for desktop users, and the BRAVE team is actively prioritizing its implementation for mobile browsers. Stay tuned!

Ready to dive in and explore this incredible feature? Click here to get started.

Discover the Features of the Brave Rewards Wallet Module of ZebPay:

  • Get a live view of your transferable Brave Rewards balance.

  • Track your lifetime earnings, offering a comprehensive view of all Brave Rewards received and transferred since connecting to ZebPay.

  • Activate the Auto Sweep feature, automatically transferring Brave Rewards to your ZebPay wallet every 90 days.

  • Choose the Manual Transfer option, giving you full control over when you move your Brave Rewards to ZebPay wallet.

  • Access your Transaction history, keeping all Brave Reward transfers neatly organized in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. What can I do with the BAT I earn from Brave Rewards and receive in my ZebPay account?

You have the power to trade, withdraw, or hold your hard-earned BAT once you've made the transfer to your ZebPay wallet.

  1.  If I already have a vBAT balance, can I get it transferred to my ZebPay account?

Absolutely! If you have a vBAT balance and connect a ZebPay account, your vBAT will be converted into BAT and deposited into your ZebPay account during the next Brave Rewards payout. 

Please note that the vBAT sunset deadline, as rolled out by Brave, is 31st October, 2023. You need to connect your ZebPay account and convert it to BAT before this deadline.

  1. When will I receive the Brave Rewards I earned in my ZebPay wallet?

Mark your calendars for the 8th of every month! BRAVE rewards its users on this date, reflecting your earnings in your ZebPay Brave Rewards wallet shortly after. Time to put that BAT to good use!

  1. What will happen to my Reward Balance of previous months, prior to connecting to the ZebPay wallet?

Please note that the wallet balance will reset to zero while connecting to ZebPay. Any Brave Rewards you've accumulated prior to the introduction of this feature or connecting to ZebPay will be transferred to your ZebPay wallet on the upcoming payout date of October 8, 2023. Please check the transfer history from the View Statement option.

  1. Can I connect multiple Brave Rewards accounts to a single ZebPay Account?

You bet! Connect as many Brave Rewards accounts as you wish to your ZebPay wallet and transfer those rewards with ease.

  1. Can I transfer BAT I bought on ZebPay into my Brave Rewards balance?

While it's not an option at the moment, stay tuned for future updates. Soon, you'll be able to seamlessly transfer purchased or deposited BAT from ZebPay into your connected Brave Rewards balance. The future looks bright!

  1. On which Brave platforms is this integration available?

 The integration is accessible on both desktop, iOS and Android through the Brave Browser app, starting from version 1.58.x. Be sure to update your Brave Browser to access the latest features."

  1. What information is exchanged between ZebPay and Brave?

To safeguard your privacy, ZebPay and Brave exchange only a minimal amount of information required to link your ZebPay account with Brave Rewards. Rest assured that sensitive personal details such as your name and address are never shared with Brave. For a comprehensive overview of the data necessary for the ZebPay and Brave integration, please refer to Brave's Privacy Policy."

  1. Can I contribute to Brave Creators with ZebPay?

Because ZebPay integration for Brave Creators is not yet active (although it will be soon), you won't have the capability to send contributions, such as tips, to any Brave Creators at this moment. This is because there are currently no creators set up to receive BAT via ZebPay.

  1. Can I connect my ZebPay account to my Brave Creators account?

In the future, you’ll be able to connect your ZebPay account to Brave Creators. At the moment, the partnership integration is only available for Brave Rewards in the Brave browser.

  1. Are there any charges for Transferring Brave Rewards to your ZebPay Wallet?

No, there are no charges for transferring Brave Rewards to your ZebPay Wallet.

  1. Can I disconnect my Brave Rewards from ZebPay?

We do not currently offer an option to directly disconnect Brave Rewards from the ZebPay app. However, you can achieve this by resetting your Brave Rewards settings within the Brave Browser. Please refer to the support article by BRAVE on this here

  1. Why is it not there in the iPhone and iPads?

Brave users on iPhones and iPads will no longer be able to earn rewards for their attention, and will no longer be able to tip their favorite online creators via Brave. However, users on desktop (including MacOS) and Android browsers can continue to enjoy the full functionality of the Brave Rewards system. Refer to the announcement from the BRAVE team here for more details.

  1. Why have I not received Brave Rewards until now?

Brave introduced a policy change in February 2023, mandating users to link to a custodial wallet to start earning Brave Rewards. Consequently, users who created their Brave Rewards profiles February 2023 onwards did not receive any rewards. Refer to the announcement from Brave here on this. You can confirm your profile's creation date by visiting this link from your Brave Browser: brave://rewards-internals.

     15. Why am I getting the 'device limit reached " error while connecting my wallet? 

There is no limit as such. You can connect as many Brave Rewards accounts as you wish to your ZebPay wallet. If for some reason you are still encountering a linking limit error while trying to connect your account, you can raise a ticket.

     16. Why am I getting logged out very often from Brave Rewards in Brave browser?

Please do not worry if you get disconnected, it won't affect your ability to earn rewards. Regardless of whether you're connected or disconnected from your account, all earnings from your Brave Rewards profile will be transferred to the last connected account until you link a different one. It's typical for the ZebPay account to disconnect when accessed simultaneously from multiple devices or locations, as concurrent logins are not permitted.

Now that you have ZebPay, go ahead and connect your ZebPay account with Brave Rewards to begin earning.