It's about time we update you on the Luna airdrop!

A proposal was approved by the Terra community to create a new network, Terra 2.0 and rename the previous network Terra classic. The Terra 2.0 network is scheduled to be created on May 27th, 2022.

The Terra Classic tokens LUNA and UST will be renamed LUNC and USTC, respectively. Terra 2.0 will not support the algorithmic stable coin UST. Additionally, there will be airdrops to some addresses on the Terra 2.0 network, based on balances from pre-attack and post-attack dates.

While we may not provide immediate support for the trading of Terra 2.0 (new Luna), we intend to closely monitor its adoption. If the new chain gains in demand and popularity, ZebPay will list the new Luna token and distribute the Airdropped tokens based on the Terra team's token distribution plan (Click here to know more).

Stay tuned for further updates!