Trade like a Pro with ZebPay’s Upgraded Web Platform 

Isn’t it that time of the year when you revamp your house be it with a new paint, reorganising furniture or decorating your house?

We decided to celebrate this Festive Season starting with Diwali by revamping our own ZebPay pro-trading Web application.    

??Kyun ki, Yeh Diwali ZebPay wali!!??

We have improved the interface, added several new features and enhanced the overall experience of the platform.

Here's a quick glimpse of what's new!?

  1. A brand new home screen

  2. Quick Trade

  • Access different market pairs

  • Favourite Coins

  • Access to send and receive

  • Trade history

  • Order Preview

  • Charts

  1. Market Tab

  2. My Account

  • Statement    

  • Edit your details

  1. Portfolio

  2. Lend

  3. MAS

  4. Send and Receive

We know we got you all excited to have your hands on these updates, so let's explore it already!

  1. A brand new home screen: You can access several features via the left-hand side as well as the top-right corner of your “Home” screen.

  1. Quick Trade: Life ain't easy but we made sure placing an order is with our brand-new Quick Trade interface. Now you can

  • Access different market pairs in the Quick trade panel
    Choices mithaiyon mein hi kyun, crypto pairs mein bhi toh honi chahiye, hai na?!?

  • Keep track of your favourite coins using the “Favourite” option
    Wishlist ho ya Favourite, dono pe dhyaan dena anivarya hai ?


  • Send and Receive any token by clicking on the three vertical dots in the extreme right 
    Lena-dena toh banta hai ji

  • View your entire quick trade history 
    Since we sometimes tend to live in the past

  • Preview the TDS and Trading fee of an order
    Toh ye order lock kiya jaaye?

  • Keep track of coin performance using charts

This was long overdue, wasn’t it??


  1. Market: Using the “Market” tab you can get quotes of various Crypto pairs

  1. My Account: Several new features have been added to the “My Account” section


  • Transaction statements can be filtered, viewed and downloaded

  • You can edit your profile information
    Considering our younger self can have embarrassing email addresses, we can now change it to better ones?

  1. Portfolio: You can view your entire portfolio in one glance
    Do you have an eye for details??


  • Your Top 5 Crypto tokens will be shown in a pie-chart format. The rest of your portfolio will be covered under “ others” in the same chart
  • Individual coins along with their current value can be viewed in the “Coin Details” section
  • You can also view your entire transaction history of each coin in the “Coin Details” section
    So many things to choose from!

  1. Lend:  The Lend section is remastered and looks phenomenal with a brand-new UI
    Jan-hit mein jaari.

  1. MAS:   Users will have a provision to add the required information for sending and receiving digital tokens. This is in accordance with the Payment Service Act (PS Act) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

  1. Send and Receive tokens: You can now send and receive tokens through the “ Quick Trade”, “ Markets” or the “Portfolio” tab

Well, we made sure you have enough choices

So, what are you waiting for?

Explore the brand-new ZebPay interface today and level up your trading experience. 

Ye Diwali, Shopping aur trading se door rehna mana hai!