Yes, you heard it right! Introducing the all-new Profit and Loss feature in the ZebPay App and Web.

Assess your portfolio health with the all-new Profit and Loss (P&L) feature! We've heard your requests, and we're thrilled to announce that ZebPay is revolutionizing the way you track your crypto investments. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to transparency as you witness your entire portfolio's profit and loss, along with individual crypto breakdowns. With the P&L feature, you'll gain invaluable insights into your unrealized gains and losses, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your crypto strategy. 

This feature is available for all Android, iOS and Web users. 

What's new!

  • View your portfolio Profit and Loss at a glance

  • Coin wise Profit and Loss status

  • Hide the values in portfolio

  • Quick action for all coins

Get a comprehensive visualization of your portfolio and use the data to make the right investment decisions.

Mobile App

Web App

Get a full picture of how each individual coin is trading and asses the impact of each coin on your overall portfolio returns.

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Hide your P and L, Last Trading Price and other visible details directly from your portfolio screen.

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Web App

You can now click on any coin on the home screen of your Andriod app and see the list of all actions available for that coin. You can send, receive, trade, lend and even check your transaction history of that coin directly from the home screen.

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Web App

Login to ZebPay and explore these brand new features

These new updates transform the way you approach crypto investments. Explore the power of P&L analysis, effortlessly tracking unrealized gains and losses in your portfolio and individual cryptos. Take control of your trading journey, unlock the potential of your investments, and embark on a path to financial success with ZebPay. Register now and join the millions of users trading using ZebPay.

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Frequently asked questions!

  • How do you calculate unrealised returns?

Unrealised profit and loss is calculated as follows:

Unrealised PNL= Current value (Quantity of tokens * LTP ie Last Traded Price)  - Investment Value (Quantity of tokens * Avg Buy Price)

  • How do you calculate the unrealised returns for deposited tokens?

We use the same formula for calculation of Unrealised PNL. Here the average buying price is derived based on the value of the specific token in ZebPay at the time of receipt. 

  • What is the average buying rate for token rewards and airdropped tokens?

The average buying price of tokens received in rewards, lending interest, rebate and airdrops will be 0 as the user is actually not buying the token. Hence in the P&L summary, the token LTP will be taken as the rate to calculate the profit.

  • Can I see the Profit and Loss for tokens I have sold?

The new feature only shows the Unrealized P&L. This means you will get it only for the tokens that you current hold. For the tokens sold, as their value does not reflect in portfolio we would not be showing it. 

You may refer to your trade statements to calculate manually or can also take the support of TaxNodes if your requirement is to calculate your taxes based on Profit and loss. 

  • Why cant I see P&L for some of the tokens?

For all the coins that you hold currently, the P&L summary is displayed in the Portfolio except for the delisted coins.

If you have any queries related to these new features, please do reach us by creating a ticket. Our 24/7 support team will help you resolve your queries.