You can withdraw all your fiat currency from Zebpay anytime you want. Zebpay allows you to make fiat withdrawals only via the bank account you have registered with us. Australian residents cannot make withdrawals through any other bank account, or a third-party payment partner. 

  • Bank withdrawals have a minimum and maximum limit per transaction that will be displayed on your ‘Bank’ page.

  • Withdrawals will take 2 business days to process. 

  • The withdrawal fee will also be visible on the withdrawal screen. 





1 . Click on ‘Withdraw’ on your Portfolio page.  


2.  Click on the arrow next to ‘Bank Withdraw.’

3. Select the amount you want to withdraw and click on ‘Proceed to Withdraw.’

4. Validate your bank details and click on ‘Continue.’

5. Enter your pin to confirm your transaction.

We will need your swift code to process the withdrawal. If you've not provided it earlier, you can do so by raising a ticket.
Post receiving these details, the amount will be credited to your account within  2 business days.