Important points

  • Please exercise caution while making the transaction. As soon as you click on ‘send’, you can view the network we support the respective cryptocurrency on. Perform send/receive action of the cryptocurrency only on the supported network, to avoid any loss of funds. Also, you may check if the receiver's wallet supports the respective cryptocurrency on the same network before initiating the transaction.

  • You can also view the network fee before entering the transaction amount.

  • After completion of the send transaction, you can locate the transaction hash on the app by clicking on the cryptocurrency and then selecting the history tab and the transaction you are looking for.

  • The number of cryptocurrencies the receiver would receive will be post-deduction of the network fee.

  • The network fee will be added to whatever you add to the transaction.

  • You will not be able to send the cryptocurrencies which are listed under the Xpress listing (the cryptocurrencies with the orange dotted circle around).

  • For sending cryptocurrencies to hardware wallets like a ledger, etc, where you do not have a destination tag or memo, you can add a numeric number ‘1’.

  • In case you face an error of ‘invalid address’ while adding any sending address, please check the network we support for the cryptocurrency and if the receiving address also belongs to the same network/format.


Note: You can add multiple addresses for each cryptocurrency based on your needs.


  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to send from the Exchange tab and click ‘Send’.

For demonstration purposes showing images for adding addresses with and without destination tag/memo. 



                              With destination tag (XRP)      Without destination tag (BTC)




For sending coins/tokens which are listed in Quick Trade, please go to the Quick Trade tab.


On the quick trade tab, click on the 3 vertical dots at the right corner of the respective crypto (adjacent to the "Price (INR)"). A list will pop up showing 'Send', 'Receive' and 'Transaction history'. Once the required option is selected, the app will take you to the appropriate screens





The rest of the steps are the same for Coins/Tokens listed in Exchange and Quick Trade. Please follow the below steps after choosing the option.


  • Click on ‘Add a new address.’

          With destination tag (XRP)     Without destination tag (BTC)

  • To save the address you add a label for the address you wish to add, add the address or scan it using your camera, add a name beneficiary name, destination tag and beneficiary platform then tap on Save

  • You can add multiple addresses for each cryptocurrency based on your requirement

                 With destination tag (XRP)       Without destination tag (TRX)




  • To initiate a send transaction, select the cryptocurrency address from the list





  • Enter the cryptocurrency quantity OR  tap on Send All if you wish to send all your cryptocurrency.

  • Tick mark the check box if you’re transferring coins/tokens to your account. When you select this option, the TDS will not be applicable. 

  • Tap on the send icon to initiate your transaction.



  • Authenticate the transaction with either 4 digit PIN/ fingerprint/ FaceID (for IOS users)  and OTP




Note: If you see the below message in the app when you click on Send or Receive, it means that the selected one is a Coin/Token listed in Xpress Listing.


Click here to learn the cryptocurrency transaction fees.


If there is a transaction hash generated for your send transaction but the same is not yet credited to the receiving address, please contact the receiving wallet address provider for assistance in case of stuck/missing transactions. 


Crypto transfers may take 24-48 hours to get executed given the Statutory guidelines to validate the receiving /sending addresses.