KYC, or Know Your Customer, is a detailed yet simple process that allows us to verify your identity. This is a one-time process that needs to be completed before you can begin using our services. 

Zebpay follows a 100-point check system for all our platforms ( except India, there is no 100 points check required for India ) to combat fraud. Each document that you upload corresponds to a certain number of points. For example, your passport gives you 70 points while a driver's licence gives 40 points. The total value of all documents uploaded must correspond to 100 points or more. Follow the steps below to complete your KYC. 


 1. To begin, enter your nationality and country of residence. This cannot be changed once confirmed. Click Continue.

 2. To complete your KYC, you need an ID Document, Address Proof, and Declaration. Click continue.

 3. Select an ID Document from the drop-down list and upload it. You may be asked to upload both sides of the document if required.  Click continue.

4. Follow the same step as above for the Address Proof document. Click continue.

 5. If you haven’t completed 100 points yet, you will be asked to upload additional documents. Select the additional document from the drop-down list and upload it. Click continue. 

  6. Declare your source of funds and occupation. Once selected, these details cannot be changed. 

 7. After submitting the KYC documents, you'll also need to submit your bank account details. 

 8. To complete your bank verification, click on 'Add Bank' on the Bank page.

 9. Enter your bank details in the space provided along with the bank address, and click on 'Continue.'  Ensure your bank details are correct as we only allow fiat deposits and withdrawals from and to the bank account registered with us. Bank deposits are currently only available for Australian customers.  

You will also need to share a selfie of yourself holding an ID card and a note with ' ZebPay Verification' and the current date written on it and the bank ownership proof by creating a ticket. Upon receipt of all the documents from your end, we will be able to validate them and complete the KYC verification. 


  1. Expired documents cannot be accepted unless specified otherwise. 

  2. Images of both sides of your documents may be required.

  3. Statements and bills being submitted as proof should have been issued less than 3 months ago.

  4. Images should be in colour and of high resolution (at least 300 dpi).

  5. Images must be in JPG or PNG formats only.

  6. The file size should not exceed 5 MB.


  1. The verification process takes 24 hours after receiving all the documents from your end. Please raise a ticket only once this 24-hour period is complete.

  2. Make sure the documents you are uploading are in English.

  3. If you are using the mobile app, kindly allow Zebpay access to your camera and storage to upload documents. 

  4. KYC verification status will reflect as pending during the entire process while you upload all your documents.

  5. You can only register one bank account with your Zebpay account at one time. 

  6. All images above are for representational purposes only and the currency will reflect as AUD for Australian residents and EUR for residents of all other countries.