Our crypto withdrawal policy will be revised effective 14th Jul 2023. These changes will better safeguard customer interests while adhering to legal standards and our enhanced compliance structure.

The withdrawal limits vary based on various KYC levels. You can withdraw digital assets up to the total transaction limits listed under our new withdrawal policy (Refer to the link): https://zebpay.com/in/features/pricing

To increase your withdrawal limit, you must complete our enhanced KYC process subject to applicable fees.

Procedure to Apply for KYC Level Upgrade

You can raise a 
ticket with the query type ‘Limits” to upgrade your KYC level.

Documentation requirements for KYC Level upgrade

  1. Current occupation details: Kindly mention your current occupation details and designation (E.g.: Salaried/ Self-employment/ Student/ Retired/ Unemployed).
  2. Sources of cryptocurrencies transferred or which will be transferred to the ZebPay Platform
  3. Details of all sources of wealth 
  4. Documents justifying the sources of funds along with the last six months'' bank statements (If a different bank account is used for trading and to establish your sources of funds then please provide both bank account statements).
  5. Kindly provide the recently filled ITR showing all the sections and the sources on the document and do not share the acknowledgement receipt
  6. Selfie image: Please take a selfie with your face clearly visible as well as you holding up the ID document (PAN Card) submitted during KYC registration along with a page mentioning the details  "ZebPay" & "Today’s date"


  • The bank statement must be an official statement; any screenshot or Excel file will not be accepted.
  • Your name must be shown on your bank statement.
  • Please do not send a compressed file and only send individual attachments.

Note: Documentation requirements vary from case to case, and we may contact you if additional documentation is needed.