You can withdraw some or all of your fiat currency from ZebPay anytime you want. ZebPay allows you to make fiat withdrawals only to the bank account you have registered with us. Withdrawals cannot be made to any other bank account or a third-party payment partner.

To request a withdrawal, please follow the below steps on your ZebPay app:

1. Click on ‘Portfolio’ to get to the ‘Withdraw’ option and click on ‘Withdraw’ tab to place a withdrawal request. 

2. Click on the arrow next to ‘Bank Withdraw.’

4. Enter the amount or select the percentage of your current INR holdings that you wish to withdraw and select the bank account to which you wish to withdraw the funds then click on “Proceed to Withdraw.”

5. Confirm the details of your transaction by clicking on ‘Continue.’

6. Please enter your 4-digit PIN to complete the transaction. 

7. You will receive the confirmation of the receipt of your withdrawal request on your app screen and your registered email address.

Important notes: 

1) The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 100.00.
2) Fiat withdrawals can take up to 3 working days to be credited to your registered bank account.

3) The images shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual fees and limits may vary due to regular revisions. Please visit our Fees and Limits page to see the current fees and limits.

*All our fees are exclusive of GST. GST will be charged at the rate of 18%.