The price of a coin is driven by basic economics: demand & supply

When a lot of users are buying the price starts going up and if more users are selling the price starts dropping. Sometimes you might see that the price of a coin on ZebPay is different from that on other exchanges. 

Don’t worry! There is nothing wrong with the app. It is totally about the exchange model.

There are two types of exchanges: 



In an open order book exchange, you are buying and selling from and to the other users on the exchange. Whereas in the instant buy-sell (Quick Trade) model you directly buy and sell from the exchange at the price they set. 

With the open order book method, you can request the buy/sell price by placing a limit order. Your order remains open until someone agrees to take your offer. If the current price changes, you can cancel your order and place another one more in line with the price range at that moment. On the other hand, in an instant buy and sell exchange, you cannot set the price & only have the option to place the order on the currently quoted price. 

ZebPay is a platform that features both "Exchange" and "Quick Trade" models for trading. We do not control the price of any coin. It is driven by the demand & supply generated by the users trading for the coin at that time. The collective action of all the market participants determines the price, not the exchange. 

Please visit our support article How does an open order book work to learn more about our Exchange model.