Q. What is Quick Trade

QuickTrade lets you buy and sell crypto assets instantly 


Q. Why Quick trade?

The open order book system works by connecting sellers and buyers to match supply and demand. Through this system, orders can take time to execute if there is no buyer or seller in the market at a certain price. Now with QuickTrade, there is no waiting time for orders to get matched. Buy and sell orders are fulfilled instantly.

Q. What's new in Quick Trade?

We have released new features as mentioned in the below screenshots in Quick Trade for Android Users and users need to update their ZebPay app to the latest version 3.21.00 to experience the revamped features.

New Features added

  • Favourite coins
  • Sort coins by New, Trending, Favorite, Price, Coin name, Volume, 24% change
  • Advanced coin search
  • Place Buy / Sell order by specifying Amount or Quantity
  • Link to deposit option within the QT Trade screen
  • Detailed order history
  • Better UI
  • View charts
  • Xpress listed coins highlighted 

Upcoming Features

Now you may think, what's left?

We tend to be self-aware!

  • Limit Orders

Steps to place a Quick Buy/Sell Order:


Step 1. You can sort your coins by trending, watchlist and new.

New -  Shows coin in the sequence sorted by coin launch date

Trending - Shows coins sorted by volume traded


You can also sort your coins by Coin name, Price, Volume and 24 hours change. 


You will also be able to see Xpress listed token highlighted with small blue 'X' below the token icon

Step 2. Select the Coin/Token to buy/sell



Step 3. Tap on Quick Buy/Sell. You can either enter the amount or number of tokens you want to buy/sell. Now, you will be able to see the available balance within the Quick trade buy/sell screen.




Step 4. You will receive a preview of your trade. Your trade will be executed instantly once you click on "Place Order".

** Here you can also see the Trade fee and TDS for each trade The fee you see here is just for illustration. The actual may differ from the one displayed here. 


Step 5. You can also view a chart for a particular pair by clicking on the view chart as shown below.

Step 6. You can view the history of your QuickTrade transactions at any point in time by clicking on the 3 dots that are on the right side of the coin name. You can see the detailed order history for all your Quick trades as below. 


This will show you the entire trade history with Quantity, Trade value, Date & Time of the order, Order ID and fees and Price of the trade. 

** TDS is not applicable on buy  trades of Crypto - INR pairs

** Price displayed in GREEN for Buy and RED for Sell trades

You can also use our Quick Trade feature on https://web.zebpay.com/.


a. Click on Quick Trade → Choose the pair you want to trade → select quick buy/sell and enter the number of tokens or amount and click on "Quick Buy/Sell".



b. Enter your 4-digit PIN to confirm the trade, and your trade will be executed instantly.


  **  The fee you see here is just for illustration. The actual may differ from the one displayed here.




  1. Is there any minimum/maximum buy/sell limit per transaction?

Yes, there are limits set for buying and selling, and it varies from coin to coin. Please refer to the below link to check the limits: https://zebpay.com/in/features/pricing.


  1. What happens if the price changes?

You’ll get an error message ‘ The offered price has expired. Please re-order to get a new price.”


You can try again with the updated rate. You just need to refresh the app by clicking on three horizontal lines and clicking on the "Refresh" button.



  1. What is the fee applicable on Quick Trade buy/sell transactions?

A trading fee of 0.50% of the total trade amount will apply to Quick Trade buy/sell transactions. Please refer to our Fees and Limits link for more information


It is also available under the ‘Fees’ link on the Quick Trade screen.


  1. Where can I view the history of all the Quick Trades done by me?

You can view all your trades on the Quick Trade tab by selecting the relevant pair and clicking on the history tab( three lines on the top right). 


  1. Will I get a separate statement for my Quick Trades?

You can view all these trades in your trade statement with the order type ‘Quick Trade’.


  1. How is this different from Market orders on the Order Book?

This feature has a simple interface that allows you to buy/sell crypto instantly and is ideal for customers new to the world of crypto.


  1. What is the reason for the variance in buy and sell prices?

The main factor determining the spread ( difference between buying/selling prices )  is the trading volume. Usually, high-volume markets have a lower spread because of their higher liquidity (more competition among buyers and sellers). On the other hand, markets that are not liquid enough and present low trading volume tend to have a more significant spread.


  1. Why is the price of some coins different in Quick Trade and Exchange?

Quick Trade offers you an option to buy or sell your tokens instantly without the hassle of entering the order in the order book. You can buy and sell as much as you want without worrying about liquidity. Whereas exchange works on an open order book where buyers and sellers place an order, and the price is determined solely by them.

*All our fees are exclusive of GST. GST will be charged at the rate of 18% .