We are changing the deposit addresses for the Bitcoin Blockchain due to upgrades to our wallet infrastructure. Your old BTC deposit addresses are deprecated. Deprecated addresses can be identified by a red exclamation icon in the latest version of the app.



You are advised to generate a new deposit address before you make any further deposits of BTC into your Zebpay wallet and stop sending funds to addresses marked with the red exclamation icon. The old addresses will be permanently deprecated on 24 Aug 2022 and will no longer be valid.

Below are the steps to add a new receiving address:

1. Select the cryptocurrency from the home screen

2. Tap on Receive



3. Tap on +Add new address

4. Read the instructions 


5. Give a name to your receiving address and tap on the right mark and your address will be saved. 



Note : Please ensure that you replace your old receiving address wherever required as ZebPay will not be liable for the loss of any tokens sent to the old address once it is discontinued.