• Smallest unit of ETH is called ‘wei’ and it is the precision of 18 decimal places.
  • ZebPay user balances are stored in another unit called ‘szabo’ which has 6 decimal places.

How to send and receive Ethereum?

  • Token of any sort will not be credited. This includes ERC20 (ICOs) and ERC721.
  • It is advisable that you do not send ether directly to any ICO contract. Doing so, ether or any tokens of ether will not be credited to your ZebPay account.

Please note: Make sure to transfer your ethers to ETH addresses only. Please DO NOT forward to ICO Contracts/Tokens.

How many confirmations do Ethereum transactions need

We require 20 block confirmations for a transaction to be a successful one.

Where do I check my Ethereum transaction?

Ethereum transactions can be checked at: etherscan.io/tx/

What is my address type for Ethereum?

There are mainly two types of addresses in Ethereum

  • Account address: funds are controlled by the private key
  • Contract address: funds are controlled by a smart contract code

For all Zebpay users, we assign account addresses.

How to identify the address type?

  • Unfortunately, there is no direct way to identify the type of address just by looking at it.
  • Indirectly users can find out if the address is a contract address or account address by searching for that address in https://etherscan.io. If the address is a contract, users can find a tab called contract code on the address page of etherscan. Otherwise, it's an account address.

What is the sending and receiving limit for Ethereum?

  • The minimum ether deposit amount per transaction is 0.0001 ether. If you send ether less than the minimum amount, ether will not be credited.
  • The maximum ether deposit amount is 3000 ethers.