• The smallest unit of ETH is called ‘wei’ and it is the precision of 18 decimal places.

  • ZebPay user balances are stored in another unit called ‘Szabo’ which has 6 decimal places.

How to send and receive Ethereum?

  • Tokens of any sort will not be credited. This includes ERC20 (ICOs) and ERC721.

  • You shouldn't send Ether directly to any ICO contract. Doing so, Ether or any tokens of Ether will not be credited to your ZebPay account.

Please note: Make sure to transfer your ethers to ETH addresses only. Please DO NOT forward to ICO Contracts/Tokens.

How many confirmations do Ethereum transactions need

We require 20 block confirmations for a transaction to be a successful one.

Where do I check my Ethereum transaction?

Ethereum transactions can be checked at: etherscan.io/tx/

What is my address type for Ethereum?

There are mainly two types of addresses in Ethereum

  • Account address: funds are controlled by the private key

  • Contract address: funds are controlled by a smart contract code

For all Zebpay users, we assign account addresses.

How do you identify the address type?

  • Unfortunately, there is no direct way to identify the type of address just by looking at it.

  • Indirectly users can find out if the address is a contract address or account address by searching for that address in https://etherscan.io. If the address is a contract, users can find a tab called contract code on the address page of Etherscan. Otherwise, it's an account address.

What is the sending and receiving limit for Ethereum?

You can check the minimum and maximum deposit/ withdrawal limit, here: https://zebpay.com/in/features/pricing