At any point in time, if you wish to change your mobile number, you can reach out to us and get it done. We do not feature an option to change the mobile number from the app or web due to security reasons.

The mobile number change will be processed by us safely once all the details of the user are validated and confirmed. 

Requirements for initiating a Mobile Number change request

To place the request for a Mobile number change, create a ticket from your old account with the below details in it.

  1. Old Mobile Number

  2. New Mobile Number

  3. Reason for Changing Mobile Number

  4. Verification Video

What all things are required in the verification video?

  • Your face should be clearly visible

  • It should feature you holding the original PAN Card and Address proof

  • Hold a white paper on which the current date, old and new mobile numbers are written.

  • All documents presented in the video should be clearly visible and readable

Once the details are received, the mobile number change will be processed in 2-3 working days. The confirmation will be sent to you as a reply to your ticket. In case we need any additional details, we shall write back to you on your registered email id.

Important note: We may not be able to help with Mobile number change in all cases. It completely depends on the status of your account and the outcome of some validation checks at our end. If any such restrictions are there, we will notify you.