What is a UTR Number ( Unique Transaction Reference Number)


This is a number that is unique to every IMPS/ UPI/ NEFT or RTGS transaction you do and helps us match that particular transaction to your deposit order.



Where do I get this number from?


This number is given by your bank while processing your fund transfer.


IMPS: Once you complete an IMPS transaction by authenticating the payment, the bank provides you with a 12-digit number that is displayed on the screen. This is known as the IMPS reference number. You can find the number on your bank account statement, too, against the IMPS transaction ID. 

NEFT / RTGS: These are 16 or 22-character transaction numbers associated with transactions processed via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems. If you use NEFT or RTGS, your transaction will be assigned a UTR Number and will also be visible in your bank account statement.


This will show up in your bank statement

Points to remember

  • Do Not change the format or edit any part of this number

  • Always remember to quote this number for any fiat transactions when raising a ticket with us.


While sharing the proof or raising a query regarding your fiat deposit, please share proof that has the UTR number for us to investigate regarding your deposit.